Our business

Professional Micro Servo Actuator Manufacturer


Mission Statement

Contribution toward customer value creation through precise linear solutions based on creative robot technology.

IR Robot USA is a subsidiary of IR Robot Korea, established in 2017 for fast and precise delivery service to North American territory.

We carry all models and accessories more than 100 different kinds in stock for quick supply of small orders. But in case quantity of the order exceeds our stock level, we secure it from our headquarter in Korea and get it shortly by international courier service for fast delivery.

We always welcome for any inquires such as quantity discount/ customization inquiry/ delivery status etc. In case of the technical question or repair service, Headquarter in Korea may take care for better service.

Our headquarter in Korea is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company and performs all product developments such as software, circuitry and mechanical design in-house R&D office and mass-produce our products through our own production lines and quality control facilities. 

We assure to be a professional and customer friendly manufacturer for micro linear servo actuators.


Email : irsales@irrobot.com
Address : Irvine , Orange County , California
Phone : +1(888)-300-8966