Corporate Benefit

1. Discount per Order q’ty (Max 40% Off)

  • Discount starting from 5% for 50pcs (Single model basis)
  • Accessories are applied with a 50% discount rate of the actuator discount rate. (Example: 2.5% discount applied when purchasing 50 pcs)
  • Bulk packaging


2. If we exchange business card…

  • 10% first sample discount
  • Technical assistance for mightyZAP
  • To be a subscriber for News letter for new product and new updated features.



3. Too many model lineup?

  • If you wish, we gladly help you to choose the most proper model for your application.
  • After initial sample testing, if you need to purchase another model because the specifications do not match, we will provide you with a new product at a 50% discount on the condition that you return the old product.


4. Customize for your own actuator

  • If necessary, we can customize actuator according to customer’s requirement.
  • Please refer to the attached “Customization program”.


5. Do a testing for your application

  • Based on information from you, we can make same test condition such as durability test and share its result with you.
  • The cost will be prepaid for the actual cost.
  • Depending on our schedule or equipment limitation, we may not meet your requirements.