Actuator Lineup Overview

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Lineup Schematic / Selection Tips

Select desired product lineup based on the lineup comparison chart / schematic and main feature of each lineup. After selecting the product lineup according to “Control feature”, select a specific model considering the required stroke, force, speed, etc on the concerned product lineup page.


Lineup Comparison Chart

Servo Series
Servo Series
Servo Series
12L/12D Limit Switch Series
Motor Type  Coreless DC (17mm diameter) Coreless DC (12mm diameter) Cored DC (12mm ⌀) Cored DC 
(12mm ⌀)
Coreless DC 
(12mm ⌀)
Input Voltage  12V DC 12V DC 7.4V DC 12V DC 7.4V / 12V DC 12V DC
Stroke (mm)  27 (30*) 37 (40*) 50 (53*) 87 (90*) 27 (30*) 40 53 90 26(29*) 22 22
Rated Load / Max Speed (No Load)  20N,
17N, 105mm/s
27N, 82mm/s
50N, 28mm/s
12N, 110mm/s
20N, 80mm/s
35N, 28mm/s
55N, 15mm/s
100N, 7.7mm/s
10N, 100mm/s
17N, 80mm/s
27N, 28mm/s
42N, 15mm/s
78N, 7.7mm/s
6N, 36mm/s12N, 12mm/s 12N, 10mm/s 35N, 28mm/s
55N, 15mm/s
100N, 7.7mm/s
Repeat-ability Bi-directional  60μm 80μm 100μm 60μm 80μm 100μm 60μm -
Uni-directional  30μm 40μm 50μm 30μm 40μm 50μm 30μm 500μm
Current Control Goal Current (Volatile) / Current Limit(Non-Volatile) Parameter :Controllable between 200mA~1600mA (default 800mA) Limitedly Available (Motor operating rate parameter) N/A
Speed Contro Goal Speed(Volatile) / Speed Limit(Non-Volatile) parameters : Control in 1000 steps resolution (Default 1000 Max speed) Goal Speed(Volatile) / Speed Limit(Non-Volatile) parameters : Control in 1024 steps resolution (Default 1024 Max speed)
Communication RS-485 (UART, PWM to be added later) PWM / TTL Or RS-485(1)
Protocol MODBUS RTU (IR Open protocol NOT Available) IR Robot open protocol(Default) or MODBUS RTU(Switchable) IR Open protocol
Data Feedback Position, Current, Voltage, Motor operating rate, Overload Value Position, Current, Voltage, Motor operating Rate Position, Voltage, Motor operating Rate
Error Indication (Software) Overload, Input voltage
(6 types of MODBUS communication errors separately)
Overload, Input voltage Error 
Error Indication (LED) Two Errors Indications (Input voltage, Overload)
I/O Port
Yes (Switch, JOG, Action Enable, Force Off, PAUSE, STOP, RESTART, Alarm OUT) N/A
Body Size Identical for each stroke (See details on each model's drawing)

(*) : Max stroke length when changing the Long stroke limit setting on the Total Manager software

(1) : PWM/TTL signal automatically recognized (No feedback feature with PWM)