FeedBack Lineup (12Lb Series)

Without drive circuit, control DC motor and feedback with a high degree of freedom. Actuators for advanced users

Feedback Lineup (12Lb Series) Features

  • Mini size feedback actuators
  • Position sensor(Potentiometer), DC motor and other mechanical parts without drive circuitry
  • Suitable for advanced users who can directly control DC motor and potentiometer along with their own controller.
  • 12mm diameter Heavy-duty coreless motor applied.
  • Rated Load of 12N ~ 100N options according to gear ratio for each stroke

    * Speed ​​is inversely proportional to Rated Load, so the stronger the Rated Load, the slower the speed.

  • 30/45/60/100mm potentiometer range
  • Various mounting options
  • Rotatable hinge design (Patented)


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Main Features (12Lb Series)

  • Built-in potentimeter(absolute position sensor), DC motor, gear box and leadscrew
  • Direct motor and potentiometer control by advanced users
  • Heavy Duty reliable coreless DC motor applied
  • Compact size for space constraints
  • Various mounting solutions
  • Detachable and 90° rotatable hinge design (Patented)
  • Rated load option (10~100N)
  • Speed option (7.7~100mm/s at no load)
  • 30, 45, 60, 100mm potentiometer position range


  • Medical device and Lab equipment
  • Kiosk machines
  • Robotics
  • Automation (Factory / Home / Agriculture etc)
  • Production and inspection jigs
  • UAV (Fixed wing / Helicopter / Multicopter etc)
  • DYI, Education, Hobby, etc

Feedback Lineup (12Lb Series) Actuators Specifications

Rated Load Potentiometer
Model# Rated Load /
Max Speed (No Load)
Self Lock (Z Axis Use)
Lead Screw / Gear Ratio / Gear Type
10N 45mm 12Lb-10-45 10N / 110mm/s No
(Pay attention to application)
Lead Angle 20° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
60mm 12Lb-10-60
100mm 12Lb-10-100
12N 30mm 12Lb-12-30 12N / 110mm/s
17N 45mm 12Lb-17-45 17N / 80mm/s Lead Angle 15° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
60mm 12Lb-17-60
100mm 12Lb-17-100
20N 30mm 12Lb-20-30 20N / 80mm/s
27N 45mm 12Lb-27-45 27N / 28mm/s Yes
Lead Angle 5° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
60mm 12Lb-27-60
100mm 12Lb-27-100
35N 30mm 12Lb-35-30 35N / 28mm/s
42N 45mm 12Lb-42-45 42N / 15mm/s Lead Angle 5° / 20:1
/ Metal Gear
60mm 12Lb-42-60
55N 30mm 12Lb-55-30 55N / 15mm/s
78N 45mm 12Lb-78-45 78N / 7.7mm/s Lead Angle 5° / 50:1
/ Metal Gears
60mm 12Lb-78-60
100N 30mm 12Lb-100-30 100N / 7.7mm/s

Feedback Lineup (12Lb Series) Common Specifications

Position Sensor Absolute Position 10kΩ linear Potentiometer Unidirectional
Mechanical Backlash 0.03mm (30μm)
Rod Type Metal Alloy Rod
Motor Motor Type 12DC Coreless Motor / 33.6W (Stall)
Input Voltage Range DC6V -13.0V
Motor Speed 26500±10%rpm (At Rated Volutage & No Load) / 23500±10%rpm (At Rated Volutage & Rated Load)
Stall Torque ≥
Motor Current At No Load At Rated Load Max(Stall)
≤ 50mA ≤350mA 2.5A
Recommended Duty Cycle At Rated Load At Max Applicable Load
Max 50% Max 20%
Audible Noise Approx. 50db at 1m
Current Accuracy
Position Sensor
IP-54 (Dust & Water Tight)
Size / Weight
(Excluding rod-end & hinge)
57.4(L)x29.9(W)x15(H)mm / 48g
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Cable 0.08x60 (AWG 22), 30cm (2 from Motor, 3 from Potentiometer)

* Design and Specification can be changed without prior notice for further improvement.




30mm Stroke

45mm Stroke

60mm Stroke

100mm Stroke

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