mightyZAP and its use

Acutator Linear servo motor MightyZAP

What is mightyZAP?

mightyZAP is an all-in-one linear servo motor that has drive circuit inscribed in its body. Since mightyZAP is designed to minimize space usage, mightyZAP could be easily used for any cyclostrophic motion.

Why mightyZAP?

Here are some of the feature you can expect from mightyZAP

Factory Automoation

  • mightyZAP easily replaces pneumatic actuator where positioning control is not easy. 
  • Automatic real time width control
  • Automatic real time alignment system (up, down, left, right)
  • Automatic valve control
  • Automatic dispensing system
  • Clamping actuator

Production and inspection port

  • Hole punching jig
  • Hole inspecting jig
  • Button / switch inspecting jig
  • Touch panel inspecting jig
  • PCB test jig

Other features

  • Fixing or controlling distance
  • Pick & place
  • Pull & pushing
  • Open & closing
  • Hexapod / Tripod exercise
  • Switching course


  • Joint
  • Gripper
  • Surgical robot's cyclostrophic actuator


  • Aileron / Elevator / Throttle / Flap / Air brake / Rudder
  • Swash plate control / Rudder control
  • Drone's retractor, item dispensing system

Other features

  • Medical parts (HIFU)
  • Camera or laser equipment's focus controlLab equipment
  • Medical 3D printer




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