[New Release] 12Lf High Speed Series - 10N Rated Load, 110mm/sec Speed [40/53/90mm stroke length]

Acutator high speed IRrobotUSA Linear Servo Linear servo motor MightyZAP

We are pleased to release the new high speed version of 12Lf Force Control Linear Servo series.  (40mm, 53mm, 90mm stroke)

  • Rated Load : 10N

  • Max Speed : 110mm/sec (at no load)

  • Model Name for Each Stroke Length

    1. 40mm (12Lf-10PT-40 / 12Lf-10F-40)

    2. 53mm (12Lf-10PT-53 / 12Lf-10F-53)

    3. 90mm (12Lf-10PT-90 / 12Lf-10F-90)


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