Preliminary notice for L12 series production & sales [To be applied from Jan, 1st, 2024]

As sales of our actuators have transferred significantly from the existing 1st generation L12 series to the 2nd generation 12Lf series, we are announcing an important change in the future production and sales policy of the L12 series (Position control lineup). 1. Target model : All L12 series (Position control lineup) 2. To be applied : From January 1, 2024 3. Changes:
  • Cessation of L12 series sales on our website
  • No stock keeping for L12 series.
  • Cessation of mechanical/circuit/software improvements and updates for the L12 series (maintain current status)
4. Other important info.
  • For new customers who consider using our products for the first time, please choose the 2nd generation 12Lf series (Force control lineup) products. The 2nd generation 12Lf product covers all the features of the 1st generation L12 series, and offers even more various features. (The 2nd generation 12Lf series will continue to be upgraded and updated in the future, so new customers are advised to choose the 12Lf series products.)
  • For existing customers, in the case of the L12 series, if you order a minimum order quantity (more than 10pcs), we will produce and deliver it as an order-made item.  But we recommend existing users to swap their actuators into the 12Lf series (Force control lineup) having equivalent specification and size if possible.  Necessory feasibility test is required at your side.
  • Apart from the notice above, sales and production of D12 / D7 series, which are Economical position control actuators, will continue. (No minimum order quantity required.)
5. [Reference] Equivalent model's comparison table between 1st generation L12 series and 2nd generation 12Lf series *  If you are considering changing your 1st generation L12 series into the 2nd generation 12Lf series, please refer to the comparison table below. [Main differences between the new 12Lf series  and old L12 series]
  • The body size of the 2nd generation 12Lf series products is identical as the 1st generation L12 series products, but there are small differences in its specifications such as rated load and stroke length. (refer to the comparison table).  The merit points of the new 12Lf series are,
  • Drive circuit has been upgraded  - Support not only position control with position feedback, but also speed control, current control, and current feedback.
  • The 1st generation L12 series only provided IR protocol, but the 2nd generation 12Lf series provided both IR protocol and industrial MODBUS RTU protocol at the same time to improve user convenience.

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